How to prepare chicken with broccoli?

How to prepare chicken with broccoli?
In this recipe the frozen vegetables will find application. In the summer, of course, it is better to prepare with fresh vegetables.

That is required for preparation

200 grams of the frozen cabbage of broccoli
The sweet paprika (frozen)
Two chicken fillet
Two bulbs
One tomato
Rub – four tablespoons are swept away
Salt, black ground pepper to taste
Vegetable oil


We boil chicken fillet in subsalty water to readiness. We take out from broth, we allow to cool down. We cut onions half rings, we spread it on a frying pan with the warmed vegetable oil. In a couple of minutes we add broccoli and we fry everything together minutes five. We add cubes of sweet paprika. Neither the cabbage, nor pepper do not need to be defrozen previously, spread vegetables the frozen.

While vegetables are stewed, we grate tomato (it is possible to take tinned tomatoes or tomato sauce), we cut chicken meat small slices.
We add meat and tomato to vegetables and on small fire we extinguish under a cover ten minutes. At the end of preparation we put sour cream, fennel, we salt and we pepper to taste.
It is one garnish better to prepare boiled potatoes or to make mashed potatoes. Bon appetit!