How to enter the correspondence university

How to enter the correspondence university

The correspondence education - convenient form of education for those who works who wishes to master some specialties at once, and also for who has no opportunity to get an internal education owing to a lack of time. This form of training is available practically to all specialties.

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The persons who got senior secondary education who will be trained according to the full program of training can become entrants (as a rule, the term of full training makes from 4 to 6 years). And also the graduates of colleges, technical schools, schools, persons which ended the higher educational institutions having the right to study on the reduced form of education (as a rule, 2,5 - 3,5).

Receipt in the correspondence university assumes passing of the following stages: submission of documents and passing of entrance tests.

Give a complete set of documents, necessary for receipt. At the majority of the correspondence universities the set of documents includes:

• original or photocopy of the document of the state sample on senior secondary education, secondary or primary professional education;
• the original or a photocopy of the certificate on passing of tests of Unified State Examination (at desire);
• 4 photos of 3x4 in size;
• the document proving the identity and nationality (it is shown personally).

Besides the main set of documents, provide the documents granting the right after successful delivery of entrance examinations to arrive out of the competition. Treat them:

• the documents granting the right for the privileges established by the legislation of the Russian Federation;
• those who serves under the contract and persons interested to be trained at university have to provide the original of the direction on training;
• the copy of the service record (in the presence of the seniority). Existence of the seniority will be considered as advantage at revenues to the budgetary form of education;
• diplomas of winners and prize-winners of the All-Russian Olympic Games, participants of national teams in the international competitions;
• other certificates on the right for privileges.

Send documents by mail if you live in area or other city. Instead of originals enclose copies of necessary documents.

After submission of documents pass entrance tests. As a rule, they include examinations in the form of Unified State Examination in three subjects: Russian, mathematics and social science. Though depending on university and the chosen specialty the quantity and a set of subjects can be changed. The minimum lowest passing score on entrance tests establishes the management of educational institution.