How to cook soup with lentil and sweet pepper?

How to cook soup with lentil and sweet pepper?
Lentil and sweet pepper soup - a dish of Italian cuisine.

Ingredients, necessary for 4 portions:

1) 1 l of vegetable broth;
2) 500 g of paprikas (yellow, red);
3) 200 g of white lentil;
4) 100 g of white onions;
5) 2 branches of rosemary;
6) svezhemoloty black pepper to taste;
7) salt to taste.

Way of preparation. Wash up vegetables. Peel onions. Cut in half pepper, peel them of partitions and seeds. Cut onions and pepper cubes, put in a pan, add to them the washed-out lentil. Wash up rosemary and tie up it a thread. Add hot broth and bring to boiling. Lower fire, cover soup and cook 50 minutes. Take out rosemary, salt, let's soup be drawn. On a table give with a melnichka for pepper.

It is not recommended to use dark green paprika as it gives to soup an unattractive look.

Bon appetit!