Why drum round?

Why drum round?
It is possible to call a drum the most popular among percussion membrane instruments. Practically each people had drums, and kinds of this musical instrument there is a huge number.

Today the drum looks as well as many centuries ago. It is similar to a pipe piece on which from above and from below pulled skin. In fact, so it also is. The drum consists of a hollow body (coil) and tense on it from two parties of membranes. The membrane can be from a genuine leather or synthetic material. It stretches on a metal or wooden ring and is fixed by special metal screws. Earlier this process was more labor-consuming, for fixing of a membrane used a rope, veins of animals and a nail.

Why drum only round, but not triangular or square? The answer is simple – evenly it is possible to pull skin only on a circle. Setup of the reel is carried out by means of a tension or weakening of membranes, so the drum sound changes a tonality.

For a long time the drum surely entered number of military tools. The drummer beat off a rhythm to army during doctrines and on march, drum signals were the beginning of attack or a signal to retreat. Since XVII century, in Russia drums found broader application, they began to be used for entertainment of public and were a part of court and regimental orchestras, and later some time took the place and in symphonic orchestras. In a symphonic orchestra carry to the main big and small (military) drums. To give to sound of a snare drum it is rolling - the jingling shade, along the lower membrane pull metal strings. Play on it the wooden sticks thickened on the end. At a bass drum the main sound – single blows also strike on it with a massive beater.