How to register correspondence

How to register correspondence

Urgently – to give the fax with a mark to the chief quicker, the e-mails which filled a box – to sort, to kip of letters and steam of parcels which were brought by the mail carrier, it is necessary "to scatter" urgently on departments, and still the employee wrote the application on holiday. Here to you both advertizing, and important accounting documents. Hard work of the secretary! Once you lose one "piece of paper", it will appear what exactly depends on it destiny of the organization and your career. That it was always possible to find this or that document, it is necessary to be able to register correspondence correctly.

It is required to you

Magazine of registration of incoming documents,
magazine of registration of the outgoing mail,
notebooks of 96 sheets,
forms of the organization,

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It is necessary to register all entering and outgoing mail, and, in day of receiving or sending. The correspondence of all types is subject to registration: the mailings, e-mails, faxes handed personally in message hands. The important e-mails (entering and proceeding) it is necessary to unpack and register as well as other types of correspondence. Besides, it is necessary to register internal correspondence: reports, service records, explanatory, statements, complaints.


To register correspondence, get special magazines of registration. Depending on volumes of correspondence of this or that look, you can get the general magazines of the entering and outgoing mail, or in addition break them by types. For example, make the magazine for registration of the entering and proceeding e-mails. Regardless of correspondence volumes, it is convenient to make the separate magazine for registration of the entering and proceeding faxes.


If you have no special magazine of registration of correspondence printed in printing house take a usual notebook, and rule it. In the magazine of registration of incoming letters specify number of the message, the date of receipt, and also a type of correspondence if you have the general magazine for all types of messages, from electronic to the facsimile. In the separate column describe the summary of the letter. Enter the resolution of the head and a surname of the one to whom the letter is transferred for execution in the next column. In practice if the question is controlled by the specific person, many letters do not get to the head, and at once are transferred to the performer therefore you should not do this column big. Under a surname of the performer or near it it is desirable to leave a place for the signature testifying to obtaining the document by it. If the head charged to the secretary to check "execution" of the document, in the separate column red ink puts a mark about control (a letter "K" or the word "control"). After completion of execution of the assignment connected with this document give a mark about execution, and also transfer of the letter "in business" (specify file number and date of its formation).


The magazine of registration of correspondence is necessary and for all proceeding messages. In the magazine of registration of outgoing letters columns, than in the magazine of registration of the correspondence entering there are less. Also as well as in the magazine of registration of incoming letters, make in the magazine of registration of outgoing letters the column with serial number of the letter, to the count with date, only already departures, with a type of the sent correspondence (if it is necessary), with the summary of the message, a surname of the author of the document (letter), and also to the count with file number where the copy of the message was filed.


In a special way it is necessary to register correspondence which you send by mail. Registration of the letters sent by mail is made on the form of the organization. It is better to send no more than 7-10 letters for once. By hand or on the computer, on the form write date of sending, below, for each letter sent by mail, specify serial number of record, the name of the organization, its location (it is possible to specify only the city or area). On the right leave a little place. Here after receiving by check mail, it is necessary to enter from it numbers of mailings (usually 6-8 figures). Below the name of the organization for each departure enter numbers and dates of the sent documents, or to identify other requisites allowing them. By mail this list is certified by the post press. It is possible to file it in the separate folder or in the folder where outgoing letters are stored.


For registration of each type of internal correspondence the separate magazine is necessary. Specify number of the document, its date, a surname of the originator, the summary, the resolution of the head, a surname of the performer, a mark about control in each magazine, and also file number.