How to organize delivery of products in restaurants

How to organize delivery of products in restaurants

One of perspective types of business activity – the organization of delivery of products in cafe and restaurants. The survival of the enterprises of a public catering depends first of all on quality of those dishes which they offer the visitors. Therefore in fight against competitors many restaurateurs stake and advertize ecological purity and freshness of initial raw materials. They need those products which you will not buy in usual shop.

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If you decided to organize delivery of products in restaurants, begin with drawing up the business plan. You initially have to understand that your company it will not be simple to transport products, but also to guarantee quality and freshness of all of that will be offered to restaurateurs.

According to you the special transport equipped with refrigeration units in transit in which products long will be required will keep freshness. Besides, also ordinary vehicles for transportation of tinned and not perishable foodstuff will be necessary.

Think over a question of purchase or a capture in a tenancy under a warehouse of food in which refrigerators also have to be installed. It will always allow you to have a small stock or to keep production in a case the farce - major circumstances and also if the customer refuses delivery.

Address to owners of restaurants in your city. Sign contracts for delivery. Find out their need for products: quantity, range. Stipulate with them questions of quality control and acceptance of production. Do not insist at once on large orders, your task – to prove as the reliable partner.

Visit the next agrofarms and country farms. Agree about cooperation, sign contracts for delivery of vegetables, meat, milk, a bird and eggs. Find those specialized shops where it is possible to get exotic products: qualitative olive oil, good weighed out olives, anchovies, capers, semi-finished products for production of dishes of Japanese cuisine fashionable today. For a complete set of orders it is possible to start cooperating with several wholesalers or large network shops like "SUBWAY the Cache & Kerry".

Order and support own Internet site in an actual state. In an ideal, of course, the IT technologies coordinating in a common information space online store, system of processing of orders and purchase of products, warehousing and a complete set of orders, management of transport are necessary for you. But it is business of the future. Start working and remember that the big way begins with a small step.