How to distinguish hamsters

How to distinguish hamsters

To define a sex of a young hamster - a difficult task. But do not despair - noticeable distinctions between them after all are at any age. And if only you do not plan to become the owner of hamster nursery, as soon as possible it is worth settling on different cells of boys and girls.

It is required to you

Glass bowl

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To define a hamster sex, it is necessary to investigate his inside. It is for this purpose most convenient to put him in a glass bowl for survey.


Look at inguinal area of a hamster - man's individuals have small eggs which will be given around a tail forward. The hamster is younger, the it will be more difficult than them to find.


Survey area round back pass. Both girls and at boys over it have an opening, but at hamster it is closer, than at hamsters.


Survey a tummy of a hamster. Female individuals differ in existence of noticeable nipples.


Once again attentively examine stomach area. It is possible to find easily yellow painted secretory glands in male hamsters. At females they are almost not visible.