What magic properties possesses uleksit?

What magic properties possesses uleksit?
The name uleksit received from a surname of the German chemist G. L. Uleks.

Magic properties of an uleksit are almost not studied. Uleksit can remember and increase personal qualities of the owner, both positive, and negative. This mineral gradually absorbs a personal code of the owner after rather long period. The practicing magicians apply uleksit for production of charms which will be able to protect the owner from envy and negative effect of surrounding people. People believe that this stone draws attention of people around to the owner.

Uleksit is a mascot of people who are occupied with any public work. In the form of a mascot most often apply the ground stone with effect of "a cat's eye". To people in which field of activity there are performances on public, this stone will help to create round itself the atmosphere of high attention, will cause strong interest in them and good opinion of people around. This mineral can draw attention of other people to the owner, having created some kind of aura of attention around.

Experts cannot define for certain to what zodiac sign approaches uleksit.