How to sell hotel

How to sell hotel

Hotel business not always well pays off as sometimes clients and really do not know that want. However, perhaps, you also created it for the purpose of further sale. Anyway, if you made the final and irrevocable decision on sale of hotel, stock up with patience.

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Adequately estimate the cost of your hotel. Learn the average prices on similar objects in your region. If financial calculations allow, reduce the price to a possible limit. Do not stop work of hotel not to lose regular customers. Simply warn them about possible change of the management soon. Prepare all documents for sale (constituent documents of the legal entity, hotel certificates, certificates on property on a non-residential premise and on the earth).


Post online advertizing and other mass media about sale of hotel. The announcement has to be developed and contain photos of a facade and an interior of hotel. At desire and whenever possible order a series of publications about your hotel. Surely place emphasis that the enterprise profitable and quickly enough will pay off.


As the hotel – the enterprise expensive, is better to publish announcements on the paid websites which are looked through by wealthy clients and in solid business editions. Even if you have considerable means, spend money for advertizing accurately as transaction on such object it is possible to wait not for one month.


Address to the solid realtor company which already has experiment on sale of similar real estate objects. Competently make the contract as some realtors at commission of large deals can deal doubly and unfairly underestimate the price of your hotel.


Address with the offer to tour operator with whom you cooperate or to what specializes on your direction. The expert of tourist industry will consider your offer, than the ordinary buyer who does not have concept about hotel business much more willingly.


Make the proposal to other owners of hotels. Perhaps, someone from them plans to expand a hotel network and will become interested in purchase of already ready business.