Why part of the countries refused to participate in the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980

Why part of the countries refused to participate in the Moscow Olympic Games of 1980

The summer Olympic Games which took place in the 1980th year took place in the capital of the USSR from July 19 to August 3. These 22nd games became unique as they for the first time took place in the territory of Eastern Europe moreover in the socialist country. Besides a number of the countries boycotted them.

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For carrying out the Olympic Games in Moscow and some other cities of the USSR where had to pass competitions (Kiev, Leningrad, Tallinn, Minsk, Mytischi), constructed and reconstructed 78 sports constructions. The most strict security measures thanks to what duringduring the Olympic Games any athlete or the tourist did not suffer were taken. The nice bear cub Mischa became a symbol of games.

Alas, the policy interfered with preparation and holding this great sports festival. In December of the 1979th year the Soviet troops entered Afghanistan. Many countries, especially members of the military-political block of NATO resisting to the Warsaw Treaty Organization saw in it an excellent opportunity for unleashing of propaganda war. As a result of 65 countries of the world, including the strong USA, Canada, Japan in summer sports, Germany, South Korea, declared Olympic Games boycott. Many countries sent to Moscow not the strongest structures of the national teams besides acting not under the national flags, and under the flag of the International Olympic Committee. Some athletes arrived to the USSR on permission of the Olympic committees in an individual order. In these conditions USSR national team won quantity of gold medals unprecedented before – 80.

How the Soviet promotion tried to diminish scales and the importance of boycott, the moral damage suffered by the USSR was great. Though the Olympic Games by universal recognition were organized and carried out at very high level. For this reason the USSR and its many allies on the Warsaw Pact resorted to reciprocal boycott of the following Olympic Games in Los Angeles.