How to prepare an omelet with a fresh asparagus and a mozzarella

How to prepare an omelet with a fresh asparagus and a mozzarella
How to prepare an omelet with a fresh asparagus and a mozzarella

The omelet is rather widespread dish for a breakfast. Traditionally he is trained from carefully shaken up eggs, milk or cream. The omelet can be prepared and with various fillers, such as an asparagus and a mozzarella.

The preparation time is required 21 minutes to you eggs of 5 pieces milk or low-fat cream of 150-200 g salt and ground pepper olive or vegetable oil is fresher than a green asparagus tinned peas of 150 g of mozzarella cheese of 100 g of parmesan cheese. The sponsor of placement P&G Articles on the subject "How to Prepare an Omelette with a Fresh Asparagus and a Mozzarella" How to cook cheese soup From what it is correct to do Easter How to make a mushroom omelet with greens


Prepare an asparagus. Pour one liter of water in a pan and will boil it. That the asparagus was soft and gentle, take very thin stalks. If the large got – cut them in half and lower in boiled water for five minutes. Then merge hot water, having cast away an asparagus on a colander, and rinse it with cold water. Cut stalks small pieces obliquely and boil them three more minutes in the added some salt and percheny water.

In a soup plate or other convenient capacity break eggs, add milk or cream, pepper and salt to taste. Well shake up all this that homogeneous mass turned out. Add the cut asparagus, tinned green peas to mix – again mix.

Warm a frying pan and a little vegetable oil in it. Pour out in mix, let's spread. Or grease a baking pan with a small amount of oil and lay out in it the stirred weight. Anyway from above put balls of mozzarella cheese and strew with grated parmesan. Bake an omelet on a frying pan or in an oven, all cheese (about ten minutes) will not melt yet.

Cut a ready omelet on portion slices, spread out on a beautiful dish and before giving on a table decorate with greens (chopped or branches).

If you love dishes more sharply, add garlic to egg and dairy mix, previously having cut three cloves with thin circles. Also for juicy taste it is possible to add either dried tomatoes, or cherry tomatoes, and also a basil cut in half to mix. Sometimes add to an omelet also some strips of bacon.