How to prepare bulk fish pie?

How to prepare bulk fish pie?
Both tinned fish, and the fried fish fillet can be a stuffing in pie. Choose that it is pleasant to you more.

Necessary products

400 ml. kefir
Two eggs
A half of a teaspoon of soda (to extinguish vinegar)
One – two tablespoons of sugar
Salt teaspoon (to taste, can slightly more)
Two – two and a half glasses of a flour
Two tablespoons of vegetable oil

For a stuffing

250 grams of tinned fish or the fried fish fillet
One bulb
Two boiled eggs
Greens of fennel and parsley
Pinch of ground black pepper


To shake up kefir of room temperature a nimbus with eggs, to add salt, sugar, vegetable oil, extinguished soda. To pour in parts the sifted flour, at once stirring dough. It has to turn out as not really dense sour cream.

For a stuffing fish to knead a fork, small to chop eggs, to cut onions in cubes. To crush greens. To mix all ingredients if fish is added fried, slightly to salt a stuffing and to season with pepper to taste.

To lay a baking dish parchment, to pour out a half of dough. To lay out a stuffing, to distribute it according to dough (it has to drown slightly in the test) and to fill in with the remained dough. To put in a hot oven, to bake at a temperature of 180 degrees of 30 - 40 minutes. Readiness of pie to check a wooden skewer.