How to conclude the bargain on the contract

How to conclude the bargain on the contract

Contract to the contract discord. You can conclude the bargain on acquisition of the apartment in several ways. And in each case there are dangers which should manage to be bypassed.

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Upon purchase of the apartment in a new building lawful it is considered only the contract of individual share which is registered in government bodies. Refuse the conclusion of any preliminary contracts of purchase and sale, including individual share.

Check existence at the builder or the investor of all allowing documents. In particular, there has to be a resolution of local self-government institutions, the certificate on registration of the right for the land plot, the construction license. Existence of these documents will protect you from gray roguish schemes.

Check correctness of drawing up the contract. At it there have to be all essential conditions: legal status and conditions, about what and who agrees, all-round price, terms and a way of execution, and also the right and an obligation of each party. Incorrectly issued contract has no validity.

Compare the prices to other similar offers. Too low prices testify to the unfair offer. Besides, do not give in on attempts to take from you the additional amounts. For example, for a notarial certification. The contract of individual share under the federal law No. 214 demands only the state registration, but not assurance by the notary.

Upon purchase of the apartment in the secondary market the contract of purchase and sale of real estate is formed. Before its conclusion check by means of the lawyer object for purity of the transaction. In particular, spouses have to be a consensus about property sale, even if her owner only one of them. It is sometimes important to specify capacity of the seller. In cancellation of the transaction the juvenile children registered on this living space or the persons serving sentence can play an important role.

There are also other important points. For example, how and when the present owner got the rights, inheritance was how lawful. Take an interest in the reasons of sale of the apartment. If they to you seem doubtful, do not go on the transaction.

The standard contract of purchase and sale in the legislation it is not provided. Check basic provisions of the document. Specify the correct cost of the transaction, it will reduce your losses in case of troubles. In the contract terms and conditions of transaction, procedure of payment and transfer of housing have to be accurately specified. Vise the contract only after careful studying and specification of all moments.

After signing register the contract in Registration chamber, and receive the relevant document as the new owner.

There are cases, so far as concerns purchase not of the certain apartment, but a share in it. The contract of purchase and sale in this case looks also. But potentially such transactions more conflict and dangerous.

On the Art. No. 250 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, the privilege of purchase other owners of this room have. In practice it often leads to hindrance of commission of any transactions with this real estate. Do not sign in this case the fictitious contract of donation. Similar actions are successfully challenged in vessels.