How to remove a virus from the program

How to remove a virus from the program

Viruses extend practically on all Internet with a high speed. In the modern world the user cannot secure himself against such type of threat completely. That there were no failures, it is necessary to use anti-virus systems.

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There is a set of ways of removal of viruses. In order that to make it, it is necessary to download and establish an antivirus. If it on the computer already is, make updating of system. It will allow to define existence of the newest viruses.


In any anti-virus program there is a function of scanning of the computer. Happens that this system demands to start check, namely to execute reset of the computer. Scanning needs to be done on all existing local disks. Thanks to such simple actions, as a result, there will be information on existence of viruses. Also you will see, which programs infected or damaged viruses. Choose function to remove and reboot.


It is possible to remove a virus in a different way. At its detection the computer is disconnected from the Internet. The hard drive is installed on other computer, and all important information remains on the new personal computer. Passive scanning is carried out. The antivirus will show that viruses are removed. If you do not trust such type of scanning, for full safety, make reestablishment of system. In that case all traces and consequences of stay of a virus will disappear.


Not to reinstall an operating system, it is possible to use the treating utilities. They find viruses and restore the damaged files. Carry AVZ to such utilities, CureIt or still call Dr.Web. With espionage modules it is possible to struggle with the help of HijackThis.