Why people kind

Why people kind

Kindness has the second semantic value – mercy. It means love for the neighbor and readiness to give him disinterested aid if it is required. However, kindness extends not only on people, but also on those living beings who need the help of the person. But why kindness becomes vital need for many people?

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If to consider each person as member of society, and people just and is a social being who lives and kindness it that helps to survive to other people works among similar to. It turns out that in the social plan laws of natural selection do not work – most of people do not concern to the rest as to competitors for a place in the sun. Moreover, kind people are always ready to help that, to a lump it is heavy at present. They are ready to come to the rescue and share with the others that they have, increasing thereby chances of preservation of a look.

Sociologists have a so-called theory of "congenital empathy". It is that the normal person has sufferings of other person or the living being who is nearby cause mental sufferings, not less strong, than physical. It is noticed that healthy babies start crying and behaving uneasily if hear how the patient or the hungry child lying in the neighbourhood cries. Therefore kindness in this case is explained by selfish desire to make happy those who nearby that also most to feel thus comfortably.

But there are also examples of that kindness is cultivated in the person since the childhood. If parents taught it to compassion and mercy, showed it own example, the child, as a rule, grows up same. The person to whom these concepts since the childhood were alien, can grow up embittered and cruel.

If the person could choose what to him to be – kind or angry, he, probably, always chose the first. For a peace of mind this feeling is just necessary. The rage and cruelty eat away soul from within and devastate it. The angry person has no darlings and friends, he is compelled to communicate only with those who also has defective soul.