Who became the competitor of an award Emmie 2012

Who became the competitor of an award Emmie 2012

"Emmie" - the most prestigious American award in the field of television. Since 1949, the American television academy annually chooses the best series and a TV show, and also the best actors and actresses who took part in television projects. In 2012 "Emmie" it will be already handed for the 64th time. This year the award ceremony will take place by tradition before the official beginning of the next teleseason - in September for now only names of nominees are known.

The sponsor of placement P&G As passes Articles on the subject "Who Became the Competitor of the Award "Emmie" 2012" TEFI award ceremony Who became the owner of the award TEFI-2011 As there takes place the ceremony of delivery of "Oscar" the List of nominees on "Emmi-2012" was declared on July 19, 2012 in Los Angeles. The actress Kerry Washington and the comedian Jimmy Kimmel announced the list. The ABC TV channel broadcast a ceremony on the air.

Are presented to the categories "The Best Drama Series": a fantasy series "Game of thrones", based on George Martin's novels; The "Underground empire" narrating about gangsters of Atlantic City of times of "Prohibition"; the series about advertisers "Madmen" winning this nomination four years in a row; British drama "Abbey Daunton". Also for a figurine will be overcome a premiere of the previous teleseason "The stranger among the" and one of projects of AMC "In All Heavy" TV channel.

Repeatedly winning "Studios 30" and "The American families" nominated earlier for "Emmie" "Apply for a rank of the best comedy series moderate the enthusiasm" and "The theory of a Big Bang", and also novelties of 2012 of "Little girl" and "Vice-president".

In the nomination "The Best Mini-series or Movie" fight will be developed between a horror "The American history of horrors", biographic dramas "Game Changed" and "Hemingway and Gellkhorn", the British detectives "Sherlock: Scandal in Belgraviya" both "Luther" and based on real events American by mini-series "Hetfilda and McCoy".

In the category "The Best Drama Actor" Brian Krenston (series "In All Heavy"), Steve Buscemi (for Enoch Thompson's role in "The underground empire"), Michael S. Hall ("Dexter"), Hugh Bonnevill (Robert Crowley in "Abbey Daunton"), John Hemm (the director of advertizing agency in series "Madmen") and Damion Lewis are presented (the sergeant Brody, "The stranger among the"). For Bonnevill and Lewis it is the first nomination on "Emmie".

In the category "The Best Female Role in Drama Series" the winner of last year Julianna Margulies ("The good wife"), three "Emmie'" winner Glenn Close ("Fight"), Claire Deyns ("The stranger among the") who became the owner of "Emmie" in 2010, numerous nominees on an award Elisabeth Moss ("Madmen") and Cathie Bates ("Herri's Law"), and also the English actress Michele Dokeri apply for a figurine ("Abbey Daunton").

In the category "The Best Actor in Comedy Series" Alec Baldwin ("Studio 30"), the winner of the nomination in 2010 and 2011 Jim Parsons ("The theory of a Big Bang") nominated for a role of himself in series "Moderate the Enthusiasm" Larry David, and also John Krayer ("Two and a half persons"), Don Cheadle ("House of lie") and the comedian Louis Sy Kay ("Louis") became competitors of an award the winner 2008 and 2009.

For the right to receive a figurine seven actresses will be overcome in the category "The Best Female Role in Comedy Series": numerous winners of "Emmie" Tina Fey ("Studio 30"), Julia Luiz-Dreyfuss ("Vice-president"), Edie Falko ("Sister Jackie"), the last year's winner Melissa McCarthy ("Mike and Mollie"), and also Amy Pouler ("Parks and recreation areas") and for the first time nominated by Zooey Deschanel ("Brand new") and Lena Dankhem ("Little girl").

The series "Madmen" and "American History of Horrors" presented in 17 categories appeared leaders in number of the nominations this year. Slightly lagged behind them "Abbey Daunton" and "Hetfilda and McCoy", having received on 16 nominations. The complete list of nominees on "Emmi-2012" can be found on the official site of an award.