How to open an attic

How to open an attic

The reasons for which the resident of an apartment house can be necessary to open an attic, there can be a set. For example, he wants to install the individual antenna or to understand, why in the apartment on the last floor a wet ceiling. Also transfer of garrets to use or property of certain residents is possible. But first of all it is necessary to open an attic.

It is required to you

- phone number of management company or chairman of condominium;
- solution of general meeting on transfer of garrets.

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As a rule, garrets in apartment houses are closed. It becomes for safety of residents. On attics there can be an engineering equipment without which the house cannot normally function. Therefore to open an attic, there have to be rather strong reasons. Look in the receipt at payment of utilities, what organization serves your house.

File in management company a petition. In certain cases it is rather simple to call the technician who serves your house. It is possible to file the written statement. Write it addressed to the director of management company. Ask to open an attic and specify the reasons for which you need to get to this room. Usually garrets open in the presence of one of the staff of management company.

If at you in the house the association of owners of housing is created, address to the chairman. As a rule, keys from basement and public garrets are at it. Explain, why for you it is necessary.

It can turn out and so that the attic was already attached to the living space by someone from owners. In this case keys are at it, and you should ask permissions anyway.

In some houses in garrets there is an equipment allowing to regulate heat supply of apartments at an entrance or even in all house. If the heating season began for a long time, and in your apartments is still cold, do not allow amateur performance even if you know, where and that it is necessary to tighten up. Address to management company. She is responsible for the property which is indoors, and she had to check and serve all intra house networks. After the beginning of a heating season the plumber of the municipal enterprise serving your house is obliged to adjust work of systems of heating.