How to carry a butterfly

How to carry a butterfly

Tie butterfly – a smart and solemn accessory. It is necessary to combine correctly a butterfly with clothes, it was able to pick up the size and color. Most of men do not understand designs and styles of this type of ties. Not to look freakish, most often this subject of clothes is put on only with a tuxedo though it is possible to carry it and with a usual jacket, and even without that. There are some rules of carrying this subject which are better for observing, especially for official actions.

It is required to you

Tuxedo or jacket
Tie butterfly

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Your shirt needs to be prepared properly before putting on not a butterfly. Be convinced that it is correctly ironed, the collar and sleeves have to be especially well ironed. Remember that the collar of your shirt has to be rigid, direct and equal.


As soon as the shirt is picked up and ironed, put on it and clasp on all buttons. Fill in trousers. From above put on a tuxedo or a jacket.


Now extend a collar of a shirt up and put on a butterfly. Be convinced that the tie is correctly tied. If you do not know how to make it, simply get previously tied butterfly in shop. Be convinced that the butterfly has the symmetric ends and does not act over a shirt collar.


Level a butterfly, having convinced that she is tied strictly on the center of your shirt. The tie should not hang too low, it has to adjoin to a collar densely.


Choose a tie not too big or small, and the size corresponding to your person. Also the butterfly has to approach a shirt collar form. Width of a butterfly approximately same, as width of a collar or is slightly less. Too little butterfly will visually integrate lines of your person and a neck, and too big butterfly will give you a comical look. It is normal if you really work as the clown, but is inadmissible if you are, for example, the groom or professor.


White butterflies very well approach a black and gray shirt. And the black tie is ideal in combination with a white, beige, lilac or blue shirt. On contrast beautifully look a light green tie with dark green clothes or a claret butterfly with a pink shirt.


Thin butterflies look more elegantly with a standard classical form of a collar of a shirt, the butterfly of a wide form will suit a winged collar. Though you can put on a tie butterfly in any way suitable for you if consider the image found you as the most comfortable for yourself. Moreover, you are not obliged to submit at all to strict rules if the event to which invited you, is not official and does not mean a strict dresscode.