How to make a wooden ceiling

How to make a wooden ceiling

Construction of own house – responsible process in which it is necessary to consider various factors influencing durability and functionality of the bearing designs. Especially it concerns two-storeyed houses in which big loading is assumed by interfloor overlappings. It is best of all when these overlappings represent wooden beams with a board flooring and a podshivny wooden ceiling. How to make such ceiling, you learn from this article.

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Begin installation of a podshivny wooden ceiling with laying of logs on beams – take the same logs which are used for laying of a floor. Thickness of each board should not be less than 1/20 distances between support.


Having laid logs, be engaged in a noise isolation. For this purpose lay between beams a layer of noise-attenuating material – roofing felt, paper roof covering or any other heater.


Prepare fiber boards or gypsum cardboard, a finishing board or plaster for finishing of a ceiling. The type of finishing depends only on the planned house interior. Besides, a number of features should be considered, establishing podshivny ceilings in bathrooms and toilets – they have to include a good waterproofing course. The flooring has to adjoin walls hermetically.


If passes a flue through overlappings, pay attention to fire safety. Have all elements of wooden overlappings not closer than for 30-35 cm to a smoke source. Fill with fireproof and fire-resistant material apertures in overlappings round a flue.


The wooden house can shrink after a while, and it too needs to be considered at a flooring of wooden ceilings. Do not do connection of a chimney and overlappings too rigid, differently the pipe can collapse subsequently.


You can strengthen overlappings for reliability rod posts.