How to sell food

How to sell food

Products – goods perishable and it is necessary to realize it quickly. How to the seller of foodstuff to organize sale not to be ruined and to lose buyers?

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If you only open trade enterprise, address at first to experience of competitors. Examine, what products are best of all realized in your region. Define how buyers react to an increase in prices for goods of daily consumption because sooner or later you should face it even if initially you plan to sell products cheap to interest the buyer.


Work only with reliable suppliers. Of course, it will be better if you cooperate with direct producers of goods but if it is not possible yet, choose for a start a usual wholesale and retail warehouse in your city. In this case you should sign the contract for deliveries only with administration of a warehouse. Choose a warehouse which is most closer disposed to your shop to save on delivery services.


Place announcements in mass media, including on the Internet (for example, on the sites http://prodbox .ru or http://www, that you wish to get products. Specify type of goods what interests you, approximate cost (at will). Find information on sales of goods in newspapers or the Internet. Unfortunately, thus it is difficult to arrange uninterrupted deliveries of products and besides, there is a risk to run and into unfair suppliers.


Demand and from retail suppliers, and at wholesale all necessary certificates received by them at the producer. Surely try to contact directly producers of products. If in your region the agriculture is developed, it is better to specialize in this case on qualitative domestic products, than constantly to overpay, expanding the range.


Whenever possible gradually pass from retail purchases of goods to wholesale. That the goods did not lie too long at you in a warehouse, constantly carry out actions for increase in sales volumes (discounts, gifts). If you found really good suppliers for long-term cooperation, and they will meet requirements of you and will provide you discounts and payments by installments, and also will provide free shipping of products in your shop.