How to get rid of an unpleasant smell of plastic containers?

How to get rid of an unpleasant smell of plastic containers?

Plastic became part of our life. We throw out garbage in plastic packages, we buy plastic toys for children, we drink from plastic glasses and we store food in plastic containers... Plastic containers are made of polypropylene and therefore they porous. Flavors of food remain in plasticity if this food was stored in containers long time. If after the container through became permeated with the smell of food, it is a pity to throw out it nevertheless, it is possible to clean containers by means of several easy ways and to get rid of a smell. The ideal cleaning substances are directly at you in kitchen.

1. Fill the container with hot water and add couple of spoons of the cleaning substance for the dishwasher. Stir up the container properly and leave for night. Rinse the container in the morning. If the smell still remained, pour warm water with soda and again shake. After that the container has to become as new.

2. From baking soda and warm water prepare paste and carefully polish with it the container. Leave for night. In the morning properly propolosnit and let's the container dry completely.

3. Pour warm water in the container and add a quarter of a glass of vinegar and some drops of liquid for washing of ware. Shake and leave the container at some o'clock. Then rinse it.

4. Pour warm water in the container and add vanillin. Stir up the container and leave it for the night. Rinse in the morning.

5. Use coffee grains or ground coffee for odor removal. Fill coffee or put coffee grains in the container and leave it closed for days. Coffee - excellent absorbent and it will extend all unpleasant smells.