How to make a bench for a press

How to make a bench for a press

To play sports, there is no need to give money for rent of the sports hall, it is possible to equip the room in the usual apartment. The most widespread exercise machines, it, of course, a cycle path, the power plant and a bench for a press. It too can be made independently. Use the drawing below.

It is required to you

corners, pipes, connections are carried out by means of nuts and bolts

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Assembly happens so. Establish a bed in regular situation, develop a cross-piece on the left column on 90 degrees (watch the drawing).


After that raise the right part of a bed, bring under it the top crossbeam of racks. In the top part vertical bolts of B1, B2 will enter the corresponding openings of a crossbeam (A1, A2).


Then press the lower crossbeam of racks from below to the right column of a bed so that the horizontal bolt of B3 entered a crossbeam A3 opening, put on this bolt the clamp with the welded handle. Now bolts of B1, B2 will not allow racks to turn in the vertical plane, and the bolt of B3 will not allow racks to bend, and to a bed to rise concerning racks.


Put a bench on a bed so that openings of fixing corners of a bench (A4, A5) coincided with an opening of A6 of the top left part of a bed, and pass a metal core throughout these openings.


Raise the right part of a bench and bring under it a steel pipe, having laid it the ends on special corners which are screwed on racks from the inside. Such corners two couples: U1 – lower, use them for the horizontal provision of a bench, and U2 – top, for inclined situation. Thus, the right side will lean on this pipe that part that is strengthened by means of corners.


Loading of a bench goes down, and in inclined situation and to the right, that is the pipe will be clamped between walls of racks, a bench and corners from below. The given design will allow to collect and disassemble the exercise machine in a couple of minutes without tools.