How to make light swords

How to make light swords

Many children and even adults delighted with the saga of star wars and remorselessly dream of a light sword to arrange own house battles. And very few people know that such sword easily can be made most of improvised tools.

It is required to you

Small lamp
Paper towels
Insulating tape
Whatman paper
Adhesive tape

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Wrap up paper towels round the small lamp handle. Adjust length of the turned-out handle of future light sword by means of a knife. Cut through also the switch that it not was is hidden under a paper layer.


Now wrap up the paper handle of a light sword a foil layer. Also cut through the switch. Record a foil an insulating tape.


Wind a roll from a Whatman paper and attach it to the brilliant handle of a light sword. Cut through patterns and openings through which light from a small lamp will make the way in a Whatman paper. Carefully wind a roll once again, connect it to the handle of a sword and record a transparent adhesive tape.


Include a small lamp to activate your light sword and it is possible to begin fight with the evil!