How to choose a sweater

How to choose a sweater

The sweater became almost irreplaceable clothes for work and rest, walks and travel presently. These convenient clothes held a firm place in clothes and men, and women. How to choose to itself a sweater correctly?

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Look attentively at the sweater size - the thing has to approach by the size. Even in case you want to seem more solid, it is all the same best of all to choose a sweater your size as in an improper thing your appearance will be baggy and far from perfect.


Estimate the clothes and solve with what things you are going to wear the sweater which was pleasant to you. Though it is also combined in clothes literally with any things: some nuances can be suits, jeans, skirts and trousers, Capri and leggings, and also with sportswear, but on the knitting thickness, the invoice and a style.


Pay attention upon purchase of a sweater to lack of various lowered loops and the sticking-out threads, the sweater has to have well processed seams and the product has to sit exactly.


Solve before purchase and a question of color of your future sweater. It is possible to tell safely that universal color of a sweater is black, as well as in other clothes. Also perfectly sweaters of coffee, steel, brown flowers look. Shades claret and green, dark blue and beige are fashionable in this season. Fans of light sweaters can stop the choice on sweaters of a dairy shade and color of an ivory.


Look attentively at the composition of material designated on a product label. Now, thanks to modern manufacturing techniques of threads, quite often to natural wool synthetic fiber podpletatsya. It too is quite practical on the properties but if you buy a sweater for winter and very cold weather, sweaters with a synthetic thread should not be bought.


The more naturally there will be a sweater material, the less problems will arise at his sock, and the more long you will be able to feel comfortable in cold weather. It is considered that if at a sweater there are many synthetic fibers, it has quality below, than a sweater from free wool, after all the main destination of a sweater – to warm in cold.


Pay the attention to sweaters from sheep wool which perfectly warms in cool day and do not create "greenhouse" effect of a body. Very easy and durable sweaters from cashmere. Cashmere is pleasant to the touch, perfectly lays down on a figure and is convenient for travel and active recreation. Cashmere sweaters are extremely popular with the people appreciating comfort and heat.


Get accustomed attentively to sweaters from the Angora wool. They possess softness and surprising ability to warm, however such sweater can be worn not for long: the thing from "mohair" "rolls quickly enough down" and used up in places of its friction lined of outerwear. Therefore sweaters choose from the Angora wool usually when doing winter sports is planned, after all such things perfectly hold heat.


Consider as well that for winter it is preferable to have a sweater with a high collar and sufficient length. Girls should not wear in the winter short sweaters for reasons of preservation of female health at all.