How to dial numbers in a code 499

How to dial numbers in a code 499

With introduction in Moscow of two code zones 495 and 499 at many subscribers problems at a set of numbers in the city began to arise. Thus most of all problems began to cause calls from one number which appeared in a code 499 on another in the same code zone.

It is required to you

- telephone set;
- customer address to which you want to call.

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To call from one phone with a code 499 on another, gather 499, and then at once customer address.  It is not necessary to gather the eight and to wait for beep. After a set of the last figure of telephone number of the called subscriber you will hear long beeps or a signal "is occupied".

For a call from a zone 499 to the subscriber with a code 495 an operations procedure same, as at a long-distance call within Russia. Gather the eight, wait for beep, then a code 495 and customer address. But, unlike a long distance communication, you should not pay this call.

Call in other city or abroad by telephone with a code 499 in the same sequence, as before division of Moscow into two code zones. For a long-distance call gather the eight, after beep — a code of the city and customer address.

Gather the eight, wait for beep and then 10, a code of the country, city and customer address at a call abroad, including to any country of the former USSR.

Try to specify, number necessary to you if you are not sure belongs to what code zone, whether there was it in a code 495 or passed in 499. For this purpose contact the MGTS contact center for phone (495) 636-06-36. All phone number thus to call optional, there is enough first three figures.

Do not forget about two code zones if you call on the Moscow phone, using a prefix 495, and hear that number is dialed incorrectly. Try to call the same subscriber, but with a code 499.

Consider thus that at a call from one phone in a code 495 on another, other mistake is possible. The order of a set of numbers in it remained the same: only customer address without prefixes. If you by analogy with a code zone 499 gather a prefix 495 and number of the called subscriber, precisely do not phone to it. Try to dial at first only number. And if it does not turn out, and in number nothing was mixed, so it belongs to a code 499 and it is necessary to call on it taking into account this circumstance.

Use a long-distance format also for a call from phone of a code zone 495 to a zone 499. Gather the eight, wait for beep, then dial a code 499 and number of the called subscriber.