How to choose a grinder

How to choose a grinder

Grinder of household waste – very convenient thing in economy with which help considerably to be saved a place in garbage containers that is especially important for owners of the country houses and summer residents ordering garbage removal from the sites. The electric device which is mounted under a sink, crushes household food deviations which then merge in the sewerage and are removed together with it.

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Are subject to crushing: a peel and stones of vegetables and fruit, crusts from water-melons, a shell of nuts, sunflower seeds, bones of fish, an egg shell, chicken and small meat bones, macaroni, grain, bread and many other things. Paper kitchen towels, napkins and stubs can be also crushed and washed away. It is impossible to use a grinder for are sharp also crushing of polyethylene, fabric, large meat bones, corncobs.


For prevention of breakage from hit of subjects, improper for crushing, the grinder-dispozer has to be supplied with automatic system of protection against the overload and the button of an emergency shutdown working in the manual mode. At the disconnected dispozer such subject simply is removed from a sink.


Dispozer can be established in any sink the size of a drain opening in which is equal 8-10 cm, if necessary the drain opening in a sink from a stainless steel can be chiseled to necessary diameter.


Producers offer the dispozer working at electricity and who are put in action water. The first join forcibly when pressing the button. Neither knives, nor edges in them are not present – crushing happens under the influence of the cam mechanism. In not electric dispozer food waste is crushed by means of steel edges. These devices work almost silently.


In some devices transition to a short cycle of work at hit of ware splinters is provided in them, steel tableware – forks, knives, spoons that excludes damage of their polished surfaces. After foreign subjects are taken, the dispozer continues work in the usual mode.


All dispozer presented in the Russian market are made by famous producers and differ in invariable quality. They can have the different power, noise reduction level, the volume of the milling chamber. In these parameters on which also the price depends, you can choose a dispozer taking into account that volume of food waste which remains in your house a processing post. Household models cost within 1,5 - 2 thousand rubles, professional, used at catering establishments, to 40 thousand rubles.