In a WC the proof of that fact, what drug addiction is finally incurable?

In a WC the proof of that fact, what drug addiction is finally incurable?
In the former Soviet Union after the 90th years the picture appeared: pretty often all men addicts, and, different age. In the 21st century, among "new youth", it appears, it is not less addicts. And all of them wish to marry, have children, especially "first-borns of the 90th", which already under forty years, at least. Addicts former do not happen or actually people over the years change and dream to change the I am empty life hitherto?

Alas, people do not change, in them the new qualities put in them by the nature are shown only over time and sometimes we do not recognize them, but they - the same.

On general trouble of the drug addiction recognized as an illness, dependence, many clinics and doctors made millions, allegedly curing them.

If there are people who are not using drugs after long dependence - so it is temporary, it is surge in emotions, at most for 10 years. After all the essence of the person and his relation to life remained former, there is no guarantee that it will not want to it in the old way, that is - drugs to solve the new problems, especially, at the person subconsciously thirst for the past if to it THERE, in this past, so was "kayfno" is always put.

Judge how often you remember the best lover even if you 10 years it is married? Correctly, the temptation is great not to resist if it meets on your way again, and the husband all the same does not learn, after all all a time, a time and... off it went!

Here to you an example as it is difficult to refuse a high, euphoria in general, what temptation, and urges on to be tempted a neudovleetvoryonnost with life. And are happy with life only a little bit of people. The world is full of people unfortunate psychologically: someone smokes, someone drinks, someone mutters and grumbles, someone is silent, someone walks on the left and to the right, and here someone is pricked!