For what aquarian snails are necessary

For what aquarian snails are necessary

Snails are present practically at any aquarium. And not always the owner gets these mollusks consciously. Their most part appears is made unexpectedly, getting to an aquarium together with plants, soil or water. For what aquarian snails are necessary?

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Any aquarium needs continuous cleaning of walls, stones and various shelters of the raid appearing on its walls. It is also necessary to clear soil of the remains of a forage, excrement of fishes, and the begun to rot parts of aquarian plants. Aquarian snails very successfully cope with this task.

In addition, snails serve as a peculiar indicator of pollution of an aquarium. For example, too large number of these akrolyuks testifies to existence to good food supply. So, is great the probability of that you regularly overfeed fishes, and the uneaten forage settles on a bottom.

Small aquarian snails, and also their caviar serves as a delicacy for fishes. Mollusks, also as well as plants, promote maintenance of stability in the closed biological system of an aquarium.

Some species of mollusks - for example, Melanija which are one of the most popular species of aquarian snails - constantly loosen and drain soil. It interferes with development of anaerobic zones and, as a result, prevents formation of hydrogen sulfide. Melanija have no lungs - they breathe a gill. If in water of your aquarium, so and in its soil, the lack of oxygen starts being felt, snails feel it the first, still before the amount of harmful substances, dangerous to fishes, collects.

If you noticed that yours of Melanija left soil and creep on aquarium walls - time came to take drastic measures. It is necessary to replace water and to strengthen its filtration and aeration, to prosifonit soil.

Existence of different types of snails will give special color to your aquarium. Thinking over you should not forget its design about these mollusks.

However, it is necessary to remember that aquarian snails possess ability very quickly to breed. At a lack of food mollusks can start eating young plants. Also, the overpopulation can cause a problem of shortage of oxygen in water. Therefore the number of snails needs to be kept under control.