How to make lips smooth

How to make lips smooth

All of us use various a face creams, we peel skin srubs, we put protective equipment. But often skin of our lips remains indifferently. And as there is a wish to have smooth beautiful lips! For this purpose too it is necessary to look after them carefully.

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Always remove a make-up from lips. It is better to use for this purpose special lotions or a milk. It is necessary to remove not only cosmetics, but also the parts of dust and a bacterium which stuck to lipstick breeding on this protective layer almost all day.


Choosing means for a make-up of lips, give preference to the moistening, nutritious, softening options of lipsticks and gloss. If the resistant make-up is necessary for you, before putting steady lipstick blot lips with a napkin with cream to avoid emergence of dryness and cracking.


Peel skin of lips. Despite their hypersensibility, it is necessary to use the sparing peelings. Softly massage roundabouts a zone of lips, trying not to damage it. The peeled sponges look more smooth, soft, volume.


Use the special nutritious and moistening means. A face cream is good, but a structure of skin of lips and the person variously. Even the elementary hygienic lipstick will help to prolong youth of lips. And if you use the creams created for this zone, choose in what there are active humidifiers, for example, hyaluronic acid, oils shi and reproach, the components removing irritations and reddenings.


Masks for lips will perfectly nourish skin with vitamins, will humidify and will restore it, will make smooth and young. Darlings this zone components – cucumber and carrot juice with honey, oils olive and even creamy.


Massage – a fine prophylactic for smoothness of lips. You can see off it in the morning by means of a toothbrush, and can allocate special time and massage skin a terry towel, previously having fed it with almond oil.


For prevention of emergence of age changes use the smoothing means with silicone. They fill wrinkle depth, as if blocking its further deepening. It is better to put them under lipstick as such fillers also hold a contour from spreading.


Protect lips from negative factors of environment, do not lick them at conversation, carefully clear, carefully look after. And then your lips for a long time will remain smooth and seductive.