How to get rid of fear of pregnancy

How to get rid of fear of pregnancy

Despite a congenital maternal instinct, sometimes women feel fear for opportunity to become pregnant. Sometimes it happens so strong that some make the decision not to have children at all. What is the reason of fear? And how it is possible to get rid of it?

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Fear of an abortion

It is the most often found reason. To get rid of fear, it is necessary to be engaged even prior to pregnancy in strengthening of health. To eat properly, not to overtire, observe a day regimen.


Fear of the birth of the sick child

Fears do not arise from scratch. Perhaps, at someone from your relatives the similar tragedy already happened. To find confidence and to overcome fear, it is necessary to pass medical examination and to find out possibility of pathologies.


Fear of childbirth

Having had heard plenty of stories about difficult delivery, the woman is afraid of repetition of similar situations. To remove a problem, it is necessary to go for reception to the psychologist and to visit group of preparation for childbirth. The more knowledge of process of childbirth you gain from the expert's lips, the less attention will pay to stories of acquaintances.


Fear of loss of appeal

To get rid of fear, you should be engaged in exercises for strengthening of an abdominal tension already today. Then the figure after the delivery will be easier to be restored.


Fear to lose work

To keep confidence that after the delivery will not lose qualification – use the months of pregnancy which are released to you that to raise it. Read necessary literature. It is possible that some part of work can be taken on the house.


To facilitate elimination of fears take two sheets of paper. On one write down the reasons for which you are afraid of pregnancy approach. Attentively read and burn. On the second leaf write down those reasons because of which you agree to the child's birth. Put this leaf on a foreground and every time when understand one more reason of desire of pregnancy – write down it. Every day re-read that wrote. This simple way will help you to be adjusted on a positive harmony.