How to gather additionally a loop

How to gather additionally a loop

Sometimes in the course of knitting needlewomen should gather additionally a loop. It is necessary for expansion of a cloth, a vyvyazyvaniye of various additional details and figures. For successful work it is enough to beginner to learn some main methods of addition of additional working loops. Carry out them in or at the edges of knitting. At first be trained on any sample, and then can get to work on the main product.

It is required to you

- two direct or circular spokes;
- yarn.

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Do nakida in a knitted cloth evenly to add necessary quantity of loops. Between each thrown loop it is necessary to leave identical quantity of working eyelets. From a wrong side everything the received nakida is recommended to knit as the crossed loops in order to avoid small ugly openings on a finished product.


Try to gather air loops over specially left opening in work (for example, for a vyvyazyvaniye of a finger of a mitten or a loop for a button). Provyazav a row prior to the beginning of a subordinate opening, petleobrazno overwind a working thread and throw with it the right spoke. Tighten the received eyelet that between the usual and thrown cotton handles further it was not formed holes.


Replace nakida with usual loops – as required they can be knitted in quantity from two and more of one loop. It is possible at alternations: front loop, back, again front, etc. Such additions are well visible on the cloth face therefore they are recommended to be done at the edges. Besides, the vyvyazyvaniye more than two additional loops from one handle in the middle of a cloth can be used for relief patterns (such as "shishechka").


Be trained in addition of loops at the expense of a broach between loops of a subordinate row. By means of the right spoke stretch a working thread through this crossing point. You provyazht the received eyelet as front crossed, and knitting will look exactly and accurately.


The first loop of a front row also leave to Provyazhita it on a working spoke. Then make the additional of it – crossed. It is possible to use other way of expansion of knitting also: on the left side provyazhit an edge and throw with necessary quantity of air eyelets. On the right it is possible to expand work by means of broaches or nakid.