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What manicure will be fashionable this fall?
The attractive and fashionable woman has to remain that, as they say to the tips of nails and it designates that the image of the woman cannot be fully complete without accurate and beautiful manicure which besides is desirable for doing according to recent trends not to lag behind styles.
And fall of 2012 nails of average length or short will be fashionable, but surely roundish form, from flowers the bright cheerful shades capable to lighten mood of one types in gray and sad autumn days - yellow, blue, lilac, green, and especially coral shades will be especially actual, well and besides registration of nails in one of actual below-mentioned styles is welcomed.
The classical French manicure, and also its contrast, so-called lunar manicure remain on former fashionable, here only combinations of shades for them have to be unusual and bright.
Also actual the ombra still has technology of manicure, that is transition of color from a nail, dark at a tip, to lighter at a cuticle, and also minor change of a shade of one color on different nails will enjoy popularity.
Besides various spangles, metal modulations and stickers will be fashionable current fall, here it is only necessary to decorate with all this short nails. Drawings on nails are also welcomed, but only the simply and plain, besides it is necessary to apply them not on all nails - will be to decorate with them one or two nails enough.