How to put the accumulator

How to put the accumulator

For ensuring long-term operation of its laptop it is necessary to use correctly. It is especially important to know parameters of operation of the battery. It will allow to prolong the term of its service considerably.

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It is necessary to take a choice of the battery seriously. Check its working capacity upon purchase of the laptop. Install the accumulator in a special nest and turn on the laptop.


Connect food to the device. Be convinced that the indicator shows a battery charge. Wait for a total charge. For this purpose a lot of time can be demanded.


Be convinced of that at a total charge of the battery the indicator shows 99 or 100%. If this value does not exceed a level of 98%, this accumulator is not qualitative. Ask it to replace or choose other laptop.


Based on that fact that batteries of laptops still become on the basis of ions of lithium (LiOn badge), it is necessary to carry out cycles of charging and a discharge of the battery. Switch off the laptop and connect to it food.


Wait for a total charge of the battery. Disconnect the laptop from the power supply network. Turn on the device. Start on it not too powerful application, for example an audioplayer. Wait for a full discharge of the accumulator. Repeat two-three times the described cycle. You should not start games or powerful video editors for providing the fast category of the battery.


In order that the accumulator served more long, it is necessary to care of it properly. Try not to use the battery in case you have an opportunity to connect the laptop to the power supply network.


Do not take out completely charged or discharged battery from the laptop. Wait until the charge of the accumulator is in limits of 40-60%, and only then take out it.


Wrap the battery in a cellophane package and clean in the place protected from sunshine. Avoid rooms with the increased humidity and, especially - with condensate. Insert the accumulator only into the switched-off laptop.