How to prepare beef tongue with juicy sauce?

How to prepare beef tongue with juicy sauce?
Beef tongue with juicy sauce

Ingredients for 4 portions:

1) 1 beef tongue (1 kg);
2) 1 carrots;
3) 3 stalks of a petiolar celery;
4) 1 stalk of green onions;
5) 1/2 lemons;
6) 300 g of tomatoes;
7) 1 bunch of parsley;
8) 20 g of dried cepes;
9) 2 bulbs;
10) 3 garlic gloves;
11) 500 ml of dry white wine;
12) 2 tablespoons of butter;
13) 1 bay leaf;
14) 1 carnation;
15) 1/2 h. l. peppercorn;
16) salt, ground black pepper.

Preparation. Wet mushrooms for 2 hours per 125 ml of water. Wash up language, put it in a pan, pour 1 l of water and 250 ml of wine and bring to boiling. Largely cut carrots, green onions and 2 stalks of a celery. Clear and cut in half one bulb. Cut a half of lemon on thin slices. Put in a pan with language vegetables and a lemon, add a carnation, bell pepper, bay leaf and 0,5 h. l. salts. Cover a pan half and cook 1 hour 15 minutes on average fire.

Sauce: in 40 minutes prior to the end of cooking of language small cut garlic, 1 bulb, a half of parsley and 1 stalk of a celery. Put butter in a frying pan and fry vegetables of 10 minutes. Take out mushrooms from water. Do not pour out water, and filter through a sieve and put aside. Small cut mushrooms, put in a frying pan to vegetables and fry. Place tomatoes in boiled water for 1 minute and rind. Cut them cross-wise, take out seeds. Crush pulp in the mixer and put in a frying pan. 250 ml of wine pour out water in which there were mushrooms, and in a frying pan, salt, pepper and properly mix. Cook sauce of 20 minutes.

Take out ready language from broth, rinse with cold water. Skin a sharp knife. Cut language on slices 5 mm thick, put in sauce and extinguish on average fire of 10 minutes. Small cut the remained parsley, strew with it a dish and give.

A dish well Pino Gridzhio will approach dry white wine with intensive taste, for example.

Bon appetit!