Than black tea is useful?

Than black tea is useful?
Black tea is known for everything, and many begin the day that drink a cup of hot tea with a lemon, honey or simply without a thing. But not so many know about useful properties of tea. Than it is useful?

Tea improves blood formation. It well influences blood formation and, is capable to improve composition of blood, increasing quantity of red little bodies. It is very useful at anemia.

Tea solar burns treat. In liter of boiled water lower four disposable bags with tea. Without taking out bags, we cool in the natural way. To wet flannel napkins in the received tea and to put to the burned skin sites.

Gives suntan. The bathtub with tea, is capable to tone up skin and to give it a beautiful shade the reminding suntan. Take 0,25 liters of boiled water and make in it four dessertspoons of black tea, insist ten minutes. Pour in the received tea leaves in a bathtub with hot water and, accept it before going to bed.

Antidote. At alcoholic, narcotic or medicinal poisoning very strong made, sweet and hot tea will help.

Strengthens a motility of a digestive tract. Tea well cleans a digestive tract from microbes and any harmful substances. It also strengthens its motive function. Therefore tea is the fine means toning intestines. Apply tea of average fortress to treatment of an atoniya.

Influences a brain. Tea helps to increase abilities of a brain to storing and a pererabatyvaniye of information. Also it well lifts attention and, facilitates emergence of various ideas.

Will save from a cancer and heart diseases
. Tea contains natural antioxidants which help to neutralize the damaged cages. It is necessary to drink simply during the day not less than five cups of black tea of average fortress.

Cleans bilious channels. To make two tablespoons of tails from strawberry and a half of a tablespoon of the Indian tea. To drink constantly as simple tea. It is very easy way of cleaning of bilious channels.