How to restore a boarding pass

How to restore a boarding pass

The feeling of an anticipation of holiday very often deprives of tourists of vigilance. Being in a departure zone, having taken the time with purchases in duty free shops or "having relaxed" at any restaurant, you can find out that lost the boarding pass.

It is required to you

The documents confirming a trip.

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Address on a front desk of your flight at the airport if you found out that incidentally lost your boarding pass before landing. Will issue you the duplicate. If you are in a zone of a gate and its time comes to an end, as soon as possible address to stewardesses. They have additional forms of boarding passes. Having checked your passport, to you will duplicate it manually. Try to avoid similar situations and watch the documents. Your inattention can tighten the mode of landing and create an unpleasant situation.


If the boarding pass is necessary to you for the reporting on a perfect trip, keep it until the end of your travel. Find out where you can address for obtaining information upon its loss. It can be made, having called in the airport or having visited the website of airline on the Internet. In that case you get competent advice depending on a concrete situation. Most likely, to you will suggest to write the application containing a duplicate request for extradition.


Consider that the airline is not obliged to issue you the duplicate at all. At each air carrier the rules on delivery of boarding passes work. In certain cases repeated issue of the document can be paid.


Provide other documents confirming the fact of your trip in a requirement place. It can be the reference, the reference account, the consignment note issued by transport agency. Thus data on number of the travel document, a route, cost and a name of the passenger have to be specified. The air ticket with the cash voucher for its acquisition or an extract from the cash card confirming an expense of funds for flight payment can be confirmation of a trip also.


Consider that at acquisition of the air ticket in the electronic way, the boarding pass is also necessary. It is documentary confirmation of your trip.