How to include a font

How to include a font

Telephone wireless fonts enjoy deserved popularity. You can speak by the mobile phone working, playing sports or operating the car, and your hands thus remain free. It is necessary to include a Bluetooth-font only.

It is required to you

- the mobile phone supporting the Bluetooth function.

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At the first use of a font load it before achievement of the maximum capacity of the accumulator. On it time will be required about 8 hours. Track that the level of charging of the mobile phone was not less than a half of capacity of its accumulator.

Press and hold the button of inclusion/processing of calls of a font within several seconds. Depending on the device Bluetooth model, wait for a sound signal or a blinking of the light indicator. It testifies that the font of Bluetooth is ready to work.

Execute pair connection (coupling, interface) of a font with phone. At the first connection this connection of two devices happens in the automatic mode. Arrange phone and the Bluetooth device a row with each other — the distance no more than 1 m is usually recommended. Depending on model of your mobile phone, being verified with the user's guide, activate in it Bluetooth.

Press and hold within several seconds the button of processing of calls on the Bluetooth-fonts case. The indicator of the device will start blinking, signaling that the mode of pair connection is activated. On phone screen thus there will be an inscription about the found Bluetooth-device. Enter a code of connection of a font into phone (in most cases it is 0000).

If the font which was earlier used with other phone is connected to new, make interface of devices in the manual mode. On a kopus of Bluetooth clamp and hold within 5 seconds at the same time both buttons of loudness (+ and-). Wait for a font indicator blinking — it means that it passed into the mode of pair connection with phone. Add a font to the list of Bluetooth devices of phone and enter its code.