Recipe of buckwheat cutlets

Recipe of buckwheat cutlets
Buckwheat – is from Russia, generally it grows in Southern Siberia, in Altai, the Urals, in Krasnodar Krai. Its main advantage is that at its cultivation is not required any fertilizers, it well grows and without them. Therefore, it is an environmentally friendly product that is important. And the price of buckwheat which is quite accepted so all are able to afford it.
Dishes on the basis of buckwheat are rather various. It is possible to add various ingredients to it: fried onions; mincemeat; fried mushrooms; liver, bacon; even raisin. It is difficult to spoil buckwheat cereal, with any ingredients it is tasty and useful.
Today on the basis of buckwheat cereal we will prepare buckwheat cutlets. So, we will start.
Buckwheat cutlets. Structure For preparation of cutlets it is necessary to have such ingredients: 1 glass of buckwheat; 1 glass of water; 6 pieces of potatoes (average size); salt; vegetable oil. Those from you who likes to keep to a diet, for certain know that buckwheat is a low-calorie, dietary product. There is a special buckwheat diet for weight loss.
It is not necessary to cook a buckwheat, as well as to add salt. One glass of buckwheat is filled in with abrupt boiled water, covered with a towel and is left for night as alternative, it is possible to use a thermos. Such buckwheat cereal can be eaten in any quantity, plus green tea and kefir. The use of kefir in day should not exceed one liter. Thus in four hours prior to a dream is it is impossible.
By means of this diet it is possible to dump to 10 kg of weight in two weeks. This diet, of course, severe but if it is necessary to get rid quickly of extra kilos, it is worth trying it, the result will pleasantly surprise you.
Preparation of buckwheat cutlets we Will begin preparation of buckwheat cutlets of that we will cook usual buckwheat cereal. Do not forget to wash out buckwheat previously.
That the buckwheat developed an unusual taste, before its cooking it is necessary to calcinate slightly on a frying pan, without oil so that it was slightly reddened, literally a couple of minutes. Thus, it is possible to improve buckwheat tastes. I want to pay attention of readers Mirsovetov that you should not presoak buckwheat in water as thus the most part of useful substances is washed away. It is also not recommended to subject buckwheat to long heat treatment, to wait until it collapses, to what. Grains have to keep the form and thus to be ready. While the buckwheat cooks, on a small grater we will grate potatoes. It is possible to replace with the turned-out potato juice the glass of water provided by the recipe. Therefore we do not wring out potatoes, and we put as is. At the expense of starch which contains in potato juice, weight will gain glutinosity necessary to us, and cutlets will not collapse when frying.
After porridge is ready, it has to cool down a little. We mix polished potatoes with a buckwheat, we salt to taste. It is possible to use Maggi or Aromatika seasoning instead of salt, thereby tastes will be added with the fragrant herbs which are present at seasoning that will impact to a dish more refined relish.
According to the recipe onions are not provided, but as option, it is possible to try to prepare cutlets with its addition, it can be the crude or slightly fried onions. Accurately we knead the turned-out forcemeat.
We start formation of cutlets. Cutlets need to be done small that they were well fried thoroughly.
We pour oil in a frying pan and we start frying. At first we fry on big fire, thereby forming an appetizing crust, then fire is reduced to a minimum, and we weary cutlets of minutes five. In the same way we fry and on the other hand. We fry surely under a cover.
Our buckwheat cutlets are ready. They can be given with sauce, vegetable salad. Appetite pleasant to you!
And finally, a nutritious face pack with use of buckwheat. Buckwheat powder is required, it it is easily possible thresh in the manual coffee grinder. One tablespoon of powder needs to be mixed with one yolk and a spoon of honey, to put on a face approximately for about 15 minutes, then to wash away warm water. buckwheat, buckwheat cutlets, cutlets, grain, forcemeat