How to restore phone battery

How to restore phone battery

The situation when for a year and a half of use of the mobile phone, the charge of its battery is enough for more and more short terms is familiar to much. It occurs because the materials used in accumulators are calculated on work during certain time.

It is required to you

Phone accumulator, the power supply with adjustment of current, tension and indicators, a rheostat.

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There are some ways of restoration of the battery of phone. The most available of them – "treatment" of the battery by means of increase of tension.

For this purpose connect the voltmeter and loading parallel to the accumulator and discharge it till 1 Century. Thus attentively control tension, there should not be a falling lower than 0,9 V. Periodicheski control temperature - it should not rise higher than 50 degrees if it occurred, disconnect loading until the battery cools down to room temperature.

Further, after a discharge to the necessary value, wait for normalization of processes in an element. It will take about 10-15 minutes.


Connect the ampermeter consistently to phone accumulator, and the voltmeter and the power supply - in parallel, one contact to a battery pole, another - to free contact of the installed ampermeter. After that densely fix the thermal sensor or the thermorelay on the accumulator. For more exact indications can use thermopaste.

Install the regulator of tension of the connected power supply on the minimum tension and start lifting smoothly tension that current on the device reached value of the tenth part of full capacity of the accumulator.

For example, for the battery with a capacity of 1200 ma current 120 ma will be the maximum value.


In process of decrease in current, gradually increase tension. At first once 5 minutes, after an hour - each hour. After achievement of tension 1.5 B, stop its increase and leave the accumulator on charging. After current decreases practically to zero (approximately in 4-6 hours), disconnect charging and wait 20-25 minutes while all processes in the battery are normalized. After that completely charge the battery.

For achievement of good results it is necessary to perform this operation 2-3 times.