How to open new shop

How to open new shop

In the conditions of rigid market fight the new shop is first of all the existing marketing scheme, and already then - the efforts connected with the solution of organizational issues. Therefore before starting active actions, it should be taken into accountit should be taken into account not once all strategic moments in work of future outlet, and having only convinced that conclusions are drawn truly, to start making investments.

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Conduct demographic research of that area (residential district) of the city in which you intend to open an outlet. Try to answer a question, whether there is a stable demand among its population for that group of goods which will be presented in your shop. If demand is obvious, estimate also consumer ability of the population: in the presence his representatives have desires, whether will be at them as well opportunity to buy your goods.

Estimate competition level in the existing branch in the territory chosen by you. Study points of potential competitors in detail, visit these shops, try to see strong and weak places. In certain cases presence of strong competitors, especially the points belonging to large retail networks can mean for you an utter impossibility of conducting trade in this place therefore it is necessary to estimate the opportunities soberly.

Take an interest in rental rates or real estate prices in that area where are going to open a point of sales, depending on that, you intend to rent or get the room in property. It is also worth inquiring about what relationship between businessmen and representatives of local government prevails, and   whether will make for you problems to receive here from officials "green light". The businessman badly familiar with local orders can face such "reefs" of which before had no idea at all.

Try "to probe the soil" and  on the other hand —  whether your activity of complaints and will cause in the ordinary population which is especially living in close proximity to future shop (in  the same house or the neighboring houses). It happens so that frequent complaints of people compel the businessman to be removed from one place and to look for new therefore to think of reaction of the population and means of increase of its loyalty it is better in advance. Only after such versatile market and sociological research start specific actions on the equipment of your shop which chances of success after thorough information training considerably will increase.