How to charge the new battery

How to charge the new battery

The new battery is similar to a new knitted jacket: as one at the first day socks stretches and takes the form of a body of the owner, so another at the first charging receives that power consumption which you to it will set.

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Right after purchase insert the battery into the device. Include it and do not switch off until he sits down and it is disconnected. If you charge the new battery not completely discharged, it will give a signal of a full discharge at that level of a charge which you to it will set now.


Insert the battery into the charger according to polarity: plus to plus, minus to minus. Insert the device into the socket.


Leave batteries to full charging, for time specified on packing of batteries. Do not leave them for all day or all night long, differently power consumption will decrease. It is impossible to remove batteries to full charging too: at the following charging the battery will gather current to the same incomplete level.


Discharge and charge the battery in the same way several times: at first to a full devastation, then to the brim. After that power consumption of the battery "will stretch" up to the due volume, and it can use fully.