How to bring up the active child

How to bring up the active child

While other children only looked narrowly at a playground, your little rogue kept up everywhere: rocked on a swing, rolled down few times from a hill and even stuck together a festive sand Easter cake. At you the little activist - very bright and inquisitive kid grows. But very active children bring many efforts to the parents, behind them an eye and an eye how it is correct to bring up such "tornado" is necessary?

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Do not abuse the kid for his excessive mobility, and especially do not punish. Act reasonably, do not take it with yourself on actions where it will be required to observe silence and an order then not to hush on the child, and not to try to force the fidget to behave by force to your taste, as a result you will only be upset, and evening will be spoiled. Ask native or familiar to look after some hours the fidget better, and quietly descend on the planned action or be engaged in important issues.


Allocate in the apartment a place for active games: bustle, jumps and lasagna. The main thing that it was safe for the child: put on a floor of a pillow or mattresses on which the child will be able to jump. It is possible to establish a special sports corner.


Write down the child in sports section is the most reliable method to send the bursting forth children's energy to the necessary course. Besides, that you will find useful application for excessive activity of the offspring, sport will strengthen its health, will increase endurance, will develop aspiration to a victory and ability to interact in team. Only remember that active children will not suit such quiet sports as chess and firing, for young fidgets swimming, soccer, basketball, and also different types of oriental martial arts can become optimum option.


Establish an accurate daily routine and adhere to it, try to fill completely day with useful occupations and long walks that the child simply had no time for overindulgence and whims. In the fresh air combine walks with active physical activity, let the kid will ride a bike or the scooter, will jump through a jump rope.


Ask the expert for the help in case excessive activity of the child is followed by his excessive excitability and sharp differences of mood.