How to prepare a dish Pumpkin with potatoes?

How to prepare a dish Pumpkin with potatoes?
There is very simple and at the same time tasty dish "Pumpkin with potatoes". This dish quickly prepares. Also will be to the taste to much. Here recipe.

We will need potatoes crude pieces six and pumpkin about 200 grams. Also we will need a little flour, salt and black ground pepper.

We wash potatoes, we clear of a peel, we cut straws and we boil in the added some salt water with bay leaf. Ready potatoes are spread on a dish and we strew with ground black pepper.

Also we peel pumpkin of a peel and we cut pulp of pumpkin straws. We roll pumpkin straws in a flour, we salt and we fry on vegetable oil to readiness.

Then we spread the ready (fried) pumpkin from above on boiled potatoes. From above the dish can be watered with sour cream or mayonnaise.

This dish moves to a table hot.