How to find the site of administration

How to find the site of administration

Each resident of Russia has the right to receive full information on activity of government bodies. It is defined by the federal legislation which provides different ways of providing similar data. One of possible options – placement of data on the official site of this or that authority.

It is required to you

- the computer with Internet connection;
- the scanned copies of documents for the address.

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Find out the official name of your settlement. Of course, in the searcher it is possible to gather and "village of Ivanovka" is simple, but in this case you can face need to choose the reference from tens, and even hundreds similar. The settlement in official documents can be called as both "MO "Village of Ivanovka"", and "MO "Ivanovo Rural Settlement"". If the name unique, this moment it is possible to lower.

Open the page of the searcher. It can be any, but surely has to support Cyrillics. Enter into it the necessary name. Do not forget to specify also area as settlements with identical names can be in different regions. If at a search query there are words "municipality" or "MO", a combination can be not written "official site". The inquiry should not be too long.

Among the appeared references find that which in accuracy corresponds to the entered inquiry. There are search engines which output results in which there is at least one proper word. However above inevitably there will be in what maximum of coincidence. Pay special attention to the word "official".

On the official site of administration of the settlement there has to be information on its structure, a field of activity of each division, leading experts. In the same place resolutions and orders, information on tenders, auctions of municipal property and public hearings, reports of the head are published. Quite often on the sites the news line and comments of officials on topical issues is published. In the same place there have to be also contact information – a postal and e-mail address and phones.

You can write the address by the specified e-mail. On many official sites there is also a special form which needs only to be filled correctly. There is it in the Contacts menu. As a rule, it is required to specify a subject, a surname, a name and a middle name, and also a contact information. Look, whether there is a restriction for the text. It is best of all to write the address in a text editor, to edit it and to reduce to the necessary quantity of signs. Keep documents in the jpg format and attach.

However the special form is not on all sites of administrations. Copy the e-mail address and enter it into the necessary window of an e-mail client. Write a letter subject. Type the address in a text editor, without having forgotten to specify the contact information. Attach documents.