How to adjust the gas equipment

How to adjust the gas equipment

Now quite often on cars install the gas equipment. In use it does not need adjustment. Tuning of the gas equipment is performed generally at different emergence of malfunctions of a reducer – the evaporator. The car badly starts being started on gas, dynamics of dispersal becomes worse, there are "failures" at dispersal and rises uphill.

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Most often on cars install the equipment 3 or 4 of generation. On such equipment usually there are problems with natural wear of details of a reducer – the evaporator. Sometimes the problem consists in a contamination of the filter which is in the gas electrovalve. To repair and set up this equipment it is very problematic. For this reason it is best of all to address to specialized station in which there is all necessary equipment for adjustment of the program of the duplicating controler. Also at station surely there have to be devices which determine contents level WITH and oxygen in exhaust gases.


If at you costs 1 and the 2nd generation of the gas cylinder equipment, you can independently adjust it. However WITH in exhaust gases it is best of all to check the contents on point of technical inspection. Let's note, the content of gases should not exceed 0.35 - 0.45%. If the SO level is overestimated, by means of the screw of provision of a butterfly valve on the carburetor add turns. Also lower amount of gases by means of the idling screw on a reducer. If the contents WITH is underestimated, everything becomes on the contrary. After that be engaged in similar adjustment, but during the operation of the engine on gasoline.


You can adjust the gas equipment and conduct a constant control if vvarit in the muffler after "trousers" a transitional nut for the oxygen sensor with heating from the vpryskovy Lada models.


Connect wires of heating of a probe parallel to the gas valve. A screened wire carry out alarm wires to salon and connect to the voltmeter. Voltmeter indicators within 0.2-0.8 Volta are considered normal. If indicators it is less, mix poor if it is more – that enriched.