How to learn, where the person

How to learn, where the person

Need urgently to learn where there is a person can arise for various reasons: to transfer the vital information; to learn more about the new acquaintance to solve, whether he should be trusted. There are some ways that to make it.

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The most honest way – to ask about the location of the person if it is possible, having called on his mobile phone, or having sent SMS.


If to contact the person there is no opportunity, but it is necessary to know where he is, it is possible to use the special services provided by mobile operators. However their use requires a consent of that, the person who is wanted to be kept under control. Having signed the contract with the operator, it is possible to connect similar service for the child, that always the nobility where it is.


If you want to learn where the person lives, his biographical particulars, it is most reasonable to punch him on a database of various social networks, dating sites, various summaries about job search, according to announcements on boards, according to users of numerous forums if to you the nickname or the address of a mailbox of the required person is known.


If you know a name of the person, his middle name and a surname, you can try it to find according to the telephone reference books published both on paper and on electronic media.


Besides, on the Internet there are sites which specialize on search of people which location will define for a small payment and will save your time. Is and many programs spies, which developers guarantee to you to specify where there is a person according to number of its mobile phone, but obtaining similar information is considered illegal as violates a human right on personal secret which protection is guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.


If at you it is impossible to be engaged in searches of the person independently, can ask for the help in private detective agency or if you are sure that take place to be events of criminal character, it is necessary to address to police.