How to descend on appointment

How to descend on appointment

For any woman appointment – very exciting event, even if it only business. It is a peculiar occasion to show the advantages: fine appearance, ability to put on and support conversation. Especially responsibly it is necessary to approach appointment to that who very much is pleasant, there are no trifles and any detail should pay attention that the success was really triumphal.

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If not simply a meeting, namely appointment, so the man waits for it to see you the real woman. Therefore exclude clothes unisex of a baggy cut from rough fabrics, boots heavy externally with a tire-tread sole, baseball caps. You have to look womanly and it is slightly thoughtless. Do not hesitate to emphasize figure advantages, to undo an excess button on a blouse, to put on a dress of the fitting silhouette.


Try not to put on new things appointment, what beautiful they to you would not seem. The clothes have to be checked in a sock, are guaranteed to fit well on you and to suit. Especially this council concerns footwear, after all not raznoshenny shoes are capable to spoil all pleasure from appointment and even to reduce it.


Self-confidence will give you also expensive beautiful linen. It does not mean at all that you should show it, but you will feel in it differently. Besides, usually, luxury linen the good form and a cut, materials which are pleasant for a body distinguishes.


Do not overdo with a make-up. Abundance of cosmetics noticeable to any, even not observant man, and it is capable to frighten off. Skillfully and competently done make-up, the high-quality cosmetics which is not smeared on the person will leave impression of natural beauty. Do not abuse perfume with a heavy, pungent smell from which maybe at you, and at it to ache the head.


Remember that the main decoration of the woman is her ukhozhennost and accuracy. Surely make fresh manicure and a pedicure, wash up the head. Your skin has to be faultless in itself – all masking cream will be very noticeable, after all appointment means your proximity. The less the disguised defects can, coming nearer to you, to consider the man, the more to him it will be wanted to be closer to you.


Having prepared externally, be prepared and internally. Do not forget that if you want the long relations, with you it has to be interesting. Manage to razgovorit the man that he wanted to tell you about the hobbies, about himself. When he sees that you not only are beautiful externally, but with you is about what to talk, you will become twice more attractive to him.