How to receive one million

How to receive one million

The way of receiving one million is not secret long ago. Stephen Scott told of him in the book "Notebook of the Millionaire". It began with work on other people for a small salary.

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Get perspective job. It has to be work under the leadership of the person at whom it is possible to study. Stephen Scott worked in department which prepared advertizing campaigns. He saw all stages of preparation and testing of good advertizing from within.


Get magnificent experience. Work until receive confidence that all subtleties of the chosen business mastered. Our hero learned to test advertizing and constantly to improve it so advertizing increased sales.


Save money. You have to earn and save. Money will be necessary for you for the organization of the business.


Create the company and invest money in the first project. Start being engaged in the same that did at work, only now do it for yourself, but not the chiefs. Stephen Scott addressed to former clients and offered the services. They did not want to deal with young firm.

Then Stephen offered experiment. If advertizing is unsuccessful, all expenses will lay down on shoulders of its company. Actually, he risked all the money and could remain without a thing. But it was engaged not in some new business, and that was well familiar. Therefore chances of success were great. And the project was successful.


Save money. Now your income will increase because the profit goes to you, but not to your chiefs, as at work. But do not hurry to arrange yourself smart life. So far it yet not one million therefore again preserve money, for larger project.


Find goods which will be able to sell. Now you have to increase profit even more. Earlier the income went from advertizing of someone else's goods. Now it is necessary to gain income not from advertizing, and from own sales. Successful advertizing experience will help to sell something special.

Stephen Scott made the list of requirements with which has to satisfy ideal goods for sale. He did not know yet that it can be. But continuous searches led to such goods.


Receive your first million. Enclose all previous experience and the available means in advertizing now of your goods. Here you receive the first million. Stephen agreed with the producer of goods and gave advertizing. Test sales showed that if to start advertizing on large audience, the income will be great. And it turned out. He applied this approach repeatedly and earned not one million.