How to remove a lock

How to remove a lock

After installation of the SP1a service pack the "Client of Detection and Management of Internet Locks" appendix in the Windows XP operating system is considered an optional component and can be removed by the user.

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Cause the main OC Windows XP menu pressing of the Start-up button to remove an optional component of "Client of Detection and Management of Internet Locks" system, and pass into the Control panel hub. Develop the reference "Installation and Removal of Programs" and use the option "Installation of the Windows Components".

Select the Network Services item and develop it, having pressed the button "Structure". Remove a tag in the field "The client of detection and management of the Internet of services" and confirm the choice with pressing of the OK button.

Keep changes, having pressed the Further button, and authorize performance of operation of removal of the chosen component, having pressed the button "Is ready". Reboot for application of the kept changes (for Windows XP).

Execute simultaneous pressing of function keys of Win+K for a call of dialogue "to Execute" Windows 7 OS and enter cmd value in the field "to Open".

Authorize start of the utility of a command line pressing of the OK button and enter ipconfig/all value into a test field of the interpreter of teams. Find a line with the name "Lock by Default" and use syntax of ping ip_adres_ispolzuyemogo_shlyuza
for check of its working capacity (for Windows 7).

Reboot the device used for receiving Internet access at impossibility of execution of the command of ping and finish work of the installed program of a firewall and the anti-virus appendix.

Reboot and again connect the device used for receiving Internet access, for correction of the existing mistake (for Windows 7).

Do not use the recommendations of editing the system sysoc.inf file in %windir%inf directory which are found on the Internet as it can lead to violation of operability of all Windows operating system.