How to prepare eggplants paste with walnuts?

How to prepare eggplants paste with walnuts?
Useful and tasty snack from baked an eggplant. In paste is not present gram of oil – to these it and differs from the majority of recipes of vegetable pastes or caviar where eggplants and other vegetables need to be fried previously.

That is required for preparation

Two average eggplants (on weight about 300 - 350 grams)
50 – 100 grams of kernels of a walnut
Two – three segments of garlic
Ground kumin on a knife tip
Salt to taste


Wash up eggplants, dry, pierce a fork in several places that they did not burst during roasting. Put a baking sheet in the oven warmed to 180 degrees and bake to softness. The thin skin on eggplants has to darken and be wrinkled. Slightly cool ready eggplants and husk.
Load pulp into the blender together with segments of garlic and crush to a condition of mashed potatoes.
Dry nuts in an oven and knead in a mortar or crush in the blender. Mix a spoon eggplants and nuts, add kumin and salt to taste.
Serve with the dried bread slices, greens and with salad from fresh tomato.
If the caloric content of paste not too excites you, it it is possible to dress with mayonnaise – too it will turn out tasty.